The Great Ball Contraption

Philo's contraption

Welcome to the Great Ball Contraption (GBC) website. Here you will find information regarding some of what it is and what some of us are currently working on.  There are always several projects currently ongoing, and many of them are finished. 

We discovered this brand new interest area from fellow AFOLs who motivated a lot of people to get into this new realm of insanity at Brickfest 2005. Shows are usually done for public display of these creations that both the fans and hobbists love to watch.

What is a great ball contraption you ask? Unfortunately, no one can be 'told' what a ball contraption is, you have to see it for yourself. The navigation table below will take you to various areas of the site.  

This website is a conglomeration of other websites that all share a common theme: Lego Technic or Mindsorms creations that all have a single task in mind - moving balls around! That's it. However you want to do this is entirely up to you.

The concept stems from a Rube-Goldberg style contraption, only it is done with Legos.  How complicated a way can you transfer Lego soccer balls from basket to another? Can you do it with or without an RCX controller? The links below take you to several areas in the website. Feel free to wander; you just might end up taking up a new hobby!

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