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From The Great Ball Contraption Wiki

This template provides a common design for article message boxes (amboxes) and is should only be used to create article message box templates. It is not intended to be used in articles directly.




Available type values are:

  • speedy – used for speedy deletion templates
  • delete – used for article deletion templates
  • content – used for templates identifying content issues and alerts, such articles needing a neutral point of view
  • style – used for templates identifying style issues in articles, such as MOS issues and needs for cleanup or rewrite
  • notice – used for article notices, such as if an article is a work in progress by a specific user

If no type value is specified, the template will default to notice.


This parameter is used to add text or images on the left side of the template.


This optional parameter will add a title to the message box.


This parameter contains the text for the message box.