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I've run a few small GBC modules at Bricks By the Bay (BBtB) and the Maker Faire in California over the past few years. At the recent BBtB last August, a BayLUG member made a nice video that I would like to share.

I've always enjoyed watching Tom Atkinson narrating GBC videos for BrickWorld and other East Coast conventions, but I don't have Tom's aplomb and good speaking voice, so I tried adding music and captions to the video to duplicate the narrative that Tom adds in his videos. I named each module and included who designed it and something I call "Service Time" to show how many hours each module has run.

I asked Tom and some other BayLUG members for comment, and we decided that showing all that info "on top" of the video was too cluttered, so I just left the module name and put the other information in the Credits at the end of the video.

BayLUG members who don't build GBC didn't care about listing Service Time, so I'm wondering if people who do build GBC modules (people reading this Discussion Board) think it is worth listing in future videos. All other comments welcome as well. We already have more GBC builders for BBtB 2016 so I think the layout will be much bigger.

Video: https://youtu.be/mdM9OYLE4vc


Posted by 2601:201:0:e44d:8925:479f:fe2a:d263 on 23 October 2015 at 21:55.

Ooops! Didn't think the site would allow me to post without logging in. No reason to be anonymous. Walt White

Posted by on 23 October 2015 at 21:57.

Nice! I particularly like the wave motion of the tilt train unloading. Also the fact that you use IPv6.

I think the whole concept of Service Time is fraught with semantic difficulty - especially when it's measured in hours. Does it include the time it was running during testing? During setup? How many modifications to a module does it take before its Service Time gets reset? What about replacing parts? Swapping out a broken gear or a worn axle presumably won't reset the clock, but making an identical module out of new parts presumably would.

What do you hope to gain by measuring Service Time? Is it to give an indication of reliability? Or just the age of the module? If you're prepared to babysit your module all the way through each show, you can remove any correlation between age and reliability. For my money, the age of the module is really only interesting if you measure it in years rather than hours. But that's just me, I'd be interested to see what others think.


Posted by Captainowie (administrator) on 24 October 2015 at 00:47.

Welcome Walt, nice video! I'm thinking service time is not that informative to any of us. While the general public wants to know how long it took you to build something, its usually a bit more complicated with a GBC module. Owen has brought up many of those points. I have a module or two that would fall into the it-took-only-two-hours-to-build-but-a-hundred-to-make-work...

"How long did it take?" "To build? or just setup?" "To build, everything" "Longer than you've been alive young man..." I've had this conversation and ones like it many times...

Posted by on 25 October 2015 at 13:29.

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