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The idea was first publicly proposed by Steve Hassenplug on a LUGNET forum on October 7, 2004.[1]


Most modules[edit]

  • Guinness World Record: 197 modules Dalian Boca Education & Technology Co. Ltd. july 30th, 2016 in Dalian, China


  • Guinness World Record: 168 modules at Fana'Briques, Rosheim, France, 2015
  • Guinness World Record: 88 modules at Brick2014 in London
  • World: 139 modules at LEGOWorld CPH, Bella Center, Copenhagen, 2013
  • Western hemisphere: 80 LEGO modules at Brickworld Chicago 2014

See also LEGO World Records.


  • World: in excess of 584.43 meters at Brickfair NE 2013


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