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GBC:Manual of Style

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Be Bold

The Wikipedia advice for editing applies here as well: be bold! When in doubt, do it. Another editor can clean up any messes, and whatever you do can be undone, if absolutely necessary. The guidelines that follow are for those who like to make things tidy.


Use <ref> tags and corresponding references section at the end of the article using the idiom below. If you are concerned about the citation format, use MLA (see MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources).

== References ==

Page Templates

For lift mechanisms, use the Template:Lift mechanism.

Referring to The Great Ball Contraption Wiki

When referring to this wiki, use the magic word {{SITENAME}} to protect your content against future changes to the name.


External Links to The Great Ball Contraption Wiki

When you must create an external link on this wiki back to this wiki, use the magic word {{SERVER}} as in interwikimap. This will protect your content against changes in the underlying host.

Interwiki Links

Links to other wikis should use interwiki links when available. For a complete list of available prefixes use Special:Interwiki.

  • References to specific AFOLs, LUGs, LEGO-realated web sites and AFOL events should link to BrickWiki using the form [[brickwiki:article_title]].
  • References to sets, parts, and themes should link to Brickipedia using the form [[b:article_title]].
    • Parts are referenced by [[b:Part:design_id]]. If no article exists for the part, either link to an external site like Peeron or BrickLink, or even better, go ahead and create it on Brickipedia.

Linking into Forums

See http://www.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Help:WikiForum.


An image created using [[File:GBC example.jpg|thumb|400px|right|caption]]

Images can be added using the File namespace. If the file is not already there, upload it using the upload link on the navigation bar.

Embedded Video

Use of the VideoFlash extension is deprecated. VideoFlash references like <videoflash>ZYXzPMKgZW4|270|150</videoflash> should be converted to the EmbedVideo extension, like this:

Or even better, use the VideoBox template (where appropriate).

Records has an example of the simplest format. The Main Page has another example (which should use the VideoBox template, actually).


When using categories to discuss groups of related pages, use a normal article for the discussion rather than the category page. See lift mechanisms for an example. This shouldn't apply to categories used for wiki management (e.g. unfinished, template needed, etc).