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Coordinating a GBC

From The Great Ball Contraption Wiki

Before you coordinate a GBC, the best thing to do is help staff a collaborative event with an experienced coordinator. Here is a brief list of other tips for coordinating and running a GBC.

  • Form your GBC in a continuous loop with the balls flowing from left to right when viewed outside the loop.
  • Be prepared to bypass a failed module while it is being repaired. Trains that bypass groups of modules can provide a quick bypass mechanism.
  • Be prepared to replace modules that are too unreliable or fail permanently.
  • Group modules into sections of matching reliability, especially if you are short-staffed.
  • If you don't have enough people to work in shifts, schedule breaks where the GBC will not be running, and post a sign for the people at the event to let them know when it will be running again.
  • A fence a few bricks high around the outer edge of the table will keep most balls from leaving the GBC area.
  • A soft table covering will reduce noise considerably.
  • A "drop table" with touchable modules is a nice feature for the wee folk as well as the physically or mentally impaired.
  • A module with a tall arch, coupled with a gap in the table, will save your knees and your dignity by allowing you to walk freely in and out of the GBC loop.
  • Know where you're getting your balls from, if you're not providing them yourself.
  • A red or blue ball is nice to put in the GBC for people to follow around. But make sure it's not just a normal ball that's been painted - else you'll get paint flakes all through the GBC.
  • Know how you're going to get power to a large number of motors.