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Archimedes screw

From The Great Ball Contraption Wiki

A great ball contraption Archimedes screw lift mechanism exploits the principle of Archimedes screw. A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder. A screw used to transport material is referred to as Archimedes, Archimedean, or Achimedes' screw[1] after the inventor Archimedes of Syracuse.


  • Screw rotates inside a fixed cylinder.
  • Screw and cylinder rotate together.
  • Inverted. Cylinder rotates inside a fixed screw.


This mechanism is generally easy to load.


MOC builder explanation given image available video available instructions available follows GBC standard
Lego GBC Akiyuki Screw parda (design by Akiyuki) no yes (links broken?) YouTube no yes
Archimede screw Philippe Hurbain no yes AVI(DIVX 5.2) no yes
Archimede screw Jason Spears no no YouTube no yes